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Pietro Chiesa (1892-1948) profoundly influenced the Italian Modernist movement and the development of 20th century artistic glass. In 1921, Chiesa opened Bottega di Pietro Chiesa and displayed at the seminal 1925 Paris Exposition. In 1927, Chiesa, Gio Ponti, Tomaso Buzzi, Paolo Venini and other leading Italian designers founded Il Labritino, an applied arts association dedicated to the promotion of innovative materials in modern design. His relationship with Ponti drew closer as the two collaborated with and eventually joined Luigi Fontana - then one of the largest glass manufacturers in Italy. In 1933, he became a partner at Luigi Fontana, merging Botega di Pietro Chiesa into what would become Fontana Arte. Chiesa and Ponti were Artistic Directors at Fontana Arte until Chiesa became sole director in 1935. Chiesa is best known for the innovative techniques he applied to modern materials, particularly glass. This contribution strongly influenced his successor at Fontana Arte, Max Ingrand. His iconic Fontana Table, made from a single piece of bent glass, resides in the Museum of Modern Art.

General Information

Origin: Italian

Affiliations: Gio Ponti, Fontana Arte, Tomaso Buzzi, Max Ingrand, Pietro Chiesa, Carlo Mollino